Is Tech For Kids a Good Idea?

At some point most parents, care-givers or teachers ask:
“Should I get a computer, gadget, or some kind of tech for kids that seem to want everything out there”?
“What would be the best type of tech for kids to get?”
“When is the best time to start getting tech for kids”?

To decide if technology is a good fit for your young ones, consider this:
1. Will this technology be a tool to educate rather than become a babysitter?
2. Will this technology be moderated rather than be available any and all the time?
3. Will you as an adult be willing to learn about and maintain this technology rather than handing it over to little ones and expect it to stay in good working condition?

If you answered yes to all of these, then by all means, bring on the tech for kids that are aching to get it!

Kids today have ALWAYS had the Internet, cell phones and MP3s. Which means they are not only comfortable with technology in their everyday life but they would not know how to function without it. Even preschool age children can benefit from educationally sound tech gadgets. Bear in mind, the moderation factor as tech for kids can also become overused. Young children also need physical activity and social interaction to be well rounded.

Tech for kids is available around every corner. In today’s classroom you will find some of the finest tech on the market. SMART Boards, document cameras, digital still cameras, video cameras, desktops, laptops, iPads, iPods and auto responder devices or Clickers. Everything from attendance to lunch cards and report cards are electronic. Why would these kids want anything different when they leave the building? When looking for the right type of tech for kids consider what message it is trying to send. Is it teaching content areas such as math, reading, science or social studies or is it teaching how to crash a car, imitate a sport (versus really playing one) or creating a fantasy world that leaves unfulfilled expectations?

The future for these tech savvy kids is immersed with electronic gadgets. Embracing these tools can be educational and entertaining.

Help support a child’s future with educationally sound products, that help the children of today prepare for the tech world of tomorrow.

How to Find Educational and Fun Games For Kids on the iPod

When it comes to games for kids, we all want what best for our kids. However, we do not always know what that means. I want something that is educational and my kids want something that is fun. Does that mean we can’t get the same thing? Absolutely not! There are games that are both educational and fun.

Throw Tradition out the Window

As a teacher, I have to get rid of my traditional views of education. Education does not have to be boring. Kids can learn from singing and dancing just as much if not better than they can learn from flash cards and rote memory. The key to educational games is age and developmentally appropriate. Guitar Hero is actually an educational game for those kids who need to learn the music scale and it is required in many states as part of fine arts. Not to mention, if you buy some of the classic song you have culturally appropriate learning too!

Focus on Skills

Sure you won’t find a game that will teach you advanced chemistry but you can find an iPod app that will teach you different cooking recipes. If cooking isn’t your thing maybe you can find an app for crocheting or knitting. There are plenty of applications that can help you learn a variety of different skills. All you need to do is decide what you want to learn and then go online and search for it.

Make it more fun with a Timed Challenge

When you are looking for fun educational games, look for those with a time limit. Your average boring game adds a bit more excitement when there is a time limit. Adding is old hat but when you have to beat the clock, your adrenaline gets pumping and the game suddenly becomes more exciting. The same goes for a racing challenge. If you can find someone to race or a score to beat, then the game takes on completely new meaning. Otherwise, the game becomes boring drills you can do at home.

Keep it Simple

The most important part to teaching your child anything is keeping it simple. Math really is everywhere. It is harder to find a game that isn’t educational than it is to find a game that is educational. Granted there are games more educational than others. However, as parents and teachers, we need to meet our children and students where they are and gradually lead them to the more educational side to living.

Do the educational games for kids have to be dull and boring? I don’t think so and I certainly hope not! I do not want to live in a boring world and I do not want my kids to either.

Career Education for Kids

Career no more is a compulsory choice, as was in the past. Availability of summer jobs and exposure to a range of life style activities makes it easy to plan a career. Parents and peers too respect the talent of their wards, honing them on the same. It is no more necessary for a child to study dentistry in order to take care of the dental clinic installed by the earlier generation.

Family business class too are seeing their progeny diversifying their existing business or choosing an altogether different career. Any career choice should be backed with education. For being a beautician, you need to qualify your elementary knowledge on skin and hair techniques. Also keep abreast of knowledge in cosmetology. If you fancy yourself being a glider or an aviation expert, then you need to equip yourself with practical training with leading colleges.

It is also essential to learn new skills by listening or enrolling in summer classes. Personality development serves the basis for any career. A career in advertising requires an insatiable quest for products. It is an ongoing process. If you intend a teaching career, basic qualification in masters from reputed universities is essential. Qualification should be directly proportional to talent. Soft skills are required for customer service professionals. Drama and film making schools offer a variety of career oriented courses including radio jockeys, editing and camera filming. Management schools offer placement services too. Changing habits is necessitated. As you solve the crossword also read the headlines for an update on current affairs. Pick the table magazine at a coffee shop and find information. Tailor made courses are available in fashion designing, hotel management, events and languages. Ascertain your career choice at counseling centers. Centers for career counseling conduct psychological testing and vocation quotients to validate your career choice.

Accordingly they can guide you on your hidden talents and suggest courses to attain you dream. Scientific methods are used to certify your evaluations. It is required to understand that any career requires qualifying for the job in terms of education, personality, and versatility to sustain change. Principles of management remain the same in all fields and all through it is a learning process. It is advisable to choose a career corresponding to individual’s skills and interests instead of falling into the lure of glamour or emulating false role models. Find more resources for jobs for teenagers.